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  • 7. What is the policy for placing custom orders and cancellation?
    Once an order is finalized, I accept a 40% advance booking fee before I start working on the order. Orders can be revised only until I start working on your order and the prices will be revised accordingly. If you choose to cancel the order after the work on your order begins, the advance amount cannot be refunded as the materials and labor hours have been utilized. Orders placed through Shop-Updates on the website are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • 9. Do you ship internationally?
    Sorry, this facility is not available with us yet. But it can be arranged in special cases after a discussion.
  • 5. How or when can I purchase?
    The web store is updated every 2-3 months with a new batch of products for you to purchase! The best way to not miss these shop updates is to follow my instagram stories or to mail me at for updates!
  • 2. How are the pieces made?
    All my ceramic pieces are handmade using stoneware clay and left to dry, slowly, over a couple of days. At this stage, when the clay is not too soft to touch but not too dry, which is called ‘leather hard’, I add handles, paint or carve to add textures and details on the surface (if applicable). These pieces are then dried very slowly under a consistent temperature to prevent them from cracking. Unfired pots are often termed ‘green ware’. I fire my green ware to 1000 degrees Celsius over 12 hrs, which is called a ‘bisque’ firing. During this firing, the pot goes through quartz conversion and is converted from clay to ceramic. After this the pots are sanded, washed, painted and sometimes waxed, ready for glazing. Glaze can be applied to the ceramic by dipping, pouring or brushing. The bisque fired pot soaks up much of the water and leaves a coating of powder on the surface. These pots are then fired again, in an electric kiln up to 1220 degrees Celsius for a period of 12 hours, plus cooling. In general a piece takes anywhere between 4-5 weeks to be completed from start to finish.
  • 14. How to make payment?
    You can either pay through UPI or manually do an online transfer the details of which you can see once you come to the checkout page. Please send a snapshot of your payment to 8652160180 once you place an order successfully.
  • 1. How frequently do you have a shop update?
    I recently launched my Fall Collection and hopefully my next shop update will be within the next two months. I usually add new products every 3 months.
  • 3. Are the pieces food-safe and microwavable?
    Yes, if its a functional piece it is food safe! Only stoneware clay glazed with non-toxic glazes are 100% food safe. As I specialize in home decor pieces, some decor pieces may be unglazed which is not food safe. I do not recommend using unglazed stoneware items for the storage of food products. Functional wares are also oven-safe, microwavable, and dishwasher-friendly for your convenience!
  • 13. Can I visit the studio?
    Yes you are most welcome but please take an appointment before visiting.
  • 6. Do you customize and take bulk orders?
    Yes I do take customized and bulk orders please mail me at with your query. Sizes and shapes can be customized but since glaze development takes lots of experimentation and time I can only offer the colors that are currently available in the studio. The timelines and prices will vary based on the quantity and collections chosen for your order. Any queries regarding the same can also be addressed through email.
  • 8. Do you ship products pan-India? What are the timelines?
    Yes! We ship pan-India but the shipping costs and timelines will depend on the location. For shop updates, the orders are packed and shipped within 5-6 working days of placing the order. For custom orders, the timelines will vary as per the order requirements.
  • 11. What if you receive a damaged parcel?
    On very rare and unfortunate occasions, accidents may take place and the pieces even though well packed and secured may break in transit . If a piece is found broken upon arrival, please send me a picture along with an unboxing video of it within 18 hours of its delivery and I will be happy to send you a replacement. Any requests after that will not be entertained.
  • 10. What is the return policy?
    A. Products purchased through the webstore cannot be returned or refunded. Similarly, once a custom order has been confirmed, it cannot be returned or refunded. Given the fragile nature of the ceramics, I do not accept any returns under any circumstances.
  • 12. Do you conduct workshops?
    Yes, I do conduct regular pottery classes and workshops in my studio between the months of February to August. Mail me for details at I am open to conducting corporate workshops as well.
  • 4. How to take care of handmade ceramics?
    My ceramics differ from some mass-produced ceramics in their composition. Stoneware clay becomes as hard as stone after firing but it is still breakable so please be gentle with it. They are made carefully by hand and I recommend washing them by hand too. Regular dishwasher use may shorten their lifespan with chips and cracks being more likely. Clean with a light touch to remove dirt and dust, apply a wet cloth with light pressure. If a cleaning liquid is used, make sure it is non-abrasive or corrosive bleach based. I use dish wash soap. Avoid placing in any extreme hot or cold environments such as an oven or a freezer, as this could cause thermal shock and result in fragility and cracking and/or breakage.
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