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The Full Story

I grew up in the City of Joy, away from the farms, amidst the concrete jungle. But Bengal has its charm, and even the city is not very far from the villages. My happiest childhood memories are of summer vacations, I spent running around, working in the paddy fields, and making clay ovens in the courtyard.


When I touched clay at 36, as an adult, I was transported back to the happiest moments of my childhood. This reunion with clay was something that would stay on, I had that knowing when I felt  it, like that love which finds it way back to you never to let go!


Every artist is known by their individual style. I am, by nature, very fickle-minded. Things that inspire me keep changing, and so does my creativity. 

I enjoy exploring and experimenting with various techniques. For the initial few years, animation greatly influenced my pottery. I made expressive animal forms and human sculptures, influenced by the principles of animation. Through my work, I aspired to bring them to life. I used bright colors and pigments to make my pottery look vibrant.


Over the years and after numerous failed and a few successful experiments, I have begun to understand the formulation and usage of glazes. My color pallet has also changed. I love to incorporate a lot of surface textures into my work these days since they add so much depth and originality to every piece. Even though bright hues make me happy, I prefer muted, organic and earthy tones, as I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. 

I learn from my surroundings, experiences, and observations and they, in turn, influence my work.


Five years ago, I started my pottery studio 'CuriocitybyLidwin'. Here I conduct various pottery courses and workshops. I even conduct workshops for various organizations, institutes and schools. 


For me, pottery is an ongoing learning process. It is a creative journey to which there can be no end.

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